Course Description

A description of play therapy is presented, as well as the attributes of play itself. The primary methods used by play therapists are presented in this program. We will explore the projective process employed in this brilliant technique. The many important benefits of play therapy are provided to the inquiring student. Influential forces of therapeutic play and its useful results are investigated in this course. Major styles and techniques of play therapy are considered.

Play therapy’s use of basic and advanced techniques according to presenting issue and awareness of client themes is explored with actual case illustration offered. Of great interest to many, a neuro-scientific perspective regarding the evidence-based use of play and art in the healing process is presented.

Briefly offered is major research on the value of play therapy. Ideas for future research and emerging trends in the field are discussed, as well as suggestions for further reading. In addition, previously established and inventive suggestions for therapists to expand their practice, while promoting the value of play, are presented. Target populations, networking and marketing ideas are business suggestions made for beginning a play therapy practice.

Finally, resources are offered for further discovery into the remarkable world of play therapy.
This wonderful course is a reasonable $75 for 5 CEU credits for social workers and play therapists.

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